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The ŠKODA SLAVIA made its UK premiere last week as leading British media took to the road at Millbrook Proving Ground in the company’s seventh ŠKODA Student Car. The car’s spectacular design, craftsmanship and attention to detail impressed the journalists as they spent time with the stunning SCALA-based concept. Built to showcase the high quality of training at the ŠKODA Academy, the SLAVIA was designed and engineered by 31 students from the ŠKODA vocational school. Since its inception six years ago, the ŠKODA Student Car programme has produced some remarkable cars.

The current Student Car programme was inspired by a series of 1970s projects where apprentices often worked out of hours to create special one-off cars. Although few were ever officially documented in the way they are now, the philosophy of empowering apprentices to create fully driveable concept cars is at the heart of the modern-era Student Car project.

The Millbrook Proving Ground is situated almost 80 kilometres to the north of London and proved to be the perfect venue for staging the exclusive test drives for the British motoring journalists. Here they were able to put the one-off concept car through its paces over the famous 6.5-kilometre ‘Hill Route’. This track features gradients ranging from 6.5 to 26 per cent. The site’s open layout also provided excellent conditions for ensuring all social distancing and COVID-19 protection measures were adhered to.

ŠKODA SLAVIA a highlight of the anniversary year 
The students from the ŠKODA vocational school in Mladá Boleslav managed to make the SLAVIA a highlight of the company’s anniversary year. 125 years ago, founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement started out in business together, repairing bicycles. Soon the duo began designing their own bikes, successfully marketing them from 1896 onwards under the brand name SLAVIA, the name adopted by the students for their personal dream car.


Dynamic, open-topped and emotive 
The ŠKODA SLAVIA developed by the students is a classic two-seater Spider: dynamic, open-topped and emotive. It’s the first Student Car to be based on the ŠKODA SCALA. Comprehensive changes to the body turned the compact hatchback model into a two-door drop-top that departs from convention and embodies a spirited, youthful and carefree attitude.

Article source: www.skoda-auto.com


The OCTAVIA and SUPERB were both named as the very best in their respective sectors by Business Car magazine, while the ŠKODA brand was recognised for its ongoing commitment for the business and fleet car sector. 

The respected trade title scrutinised the total cost of ownership fitness for purpose and driver appeal before naming its stars of 2020. 

Leading the silverware haul was the OCTAVIA, which was named Best Lower-medium Car of 2020. Launched in the UK earlier this year, the fourth-generation model has already made a big impact with customers and the automotive press. Commenting on how the OCTAVIA impressed the Business Car judging panel, Editor Simon Harris said: “Our judges liked the simplicity of the new OCTAVIA, as well as its ability as a comfortable high-mileage workhorse. But it also made an impression through its attractive styling, strong equipment levels, and availability of hatchback and estate versions from launch.”

The judging panel were also full of praise for the recently updated SUPERB, which saw off tough competition to be named Best Upper-medium Car 2020. “The SUPERB range underwent a refresh for 2020, strengthening its credentials as a smooth and elegant large saloon or estate car.” explained Simon Harris, adding: “We were impressed by its low running costs, strong desirability among fleet operators and drivers who have experienced its comfort and capability.” 

Such was ŠKODA’s performance in two of the biggest sectors of the fleet and business car market that the judging panel named the brand as Most Improved Manufacturer 2020. Commenting on the award, Simon Harris said: “ŠKODA’s submission in this category highlighted perfectly the raft of improvements the fleet team has made in the last year, enhancing its digital technology to support fleet customers, as well as boosting its level of service. It has also added particular model derivatives that deliver better value for fleet users.” 

The latest Business Car Awards mark the continuation of a remarkable year for ŠKODA. The new OCTAVIA has already won a number of key industry awards, including Auto Express Car of the Year 2020, while the SUPERB now has won six major titles in 2020 and more than 60 since the current model was launched in 2015.

Article source: www.skoda.co.uk

ŠKODA AUTO is increasingly focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) applications as it consistently presses ahead with digitalising all areas of the business. In the ŠKODA FabLab, experts from the car manufacturer’s Central Technical Service department work in various clusters on developing and implementing suitable innovative technologies. Image analysis technology illustrates what possibilities lie ahead: currently, it helps to identify and notify drivers of parking spaces that are available on the factory premises; in the future it could also assist trucks when entering the ŠKODA site in Mladá Boleslav. ŠKODA is also testing how image analysis can be used in production for predictive maintenance of various systems. 

With regard to implementing artificial intelligence projects, ŠKODA AUTO is supported by the ŠKODA FabLab, for example. In this Industry 4.0 laboratory, employees from the car manufacturer’s Central Technical Service department work on suitable ideas and specific projects. The lab is divided into different topic clusters and makes ŠKODA AUTO even more flexible in digitalisation, which is one of the company’s key strategic areas. The focus of current projects is primarily on predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment. The team responsible tests the relevant components, supports their integration into production processes and addresses questions regarding diagnostics. 

To this end, ŠKODA AUTO is also using a test balloon on its factory premises in Mladá Boleslav. The device uses cameras to monitor the car park and inspects where individual parking spaces are available. For this purpose, the system compares the latest images with previously stored images and is being ‘conditioned’ to recognise certain patterns. In this way, deviations between the latest situation and the ‘trained’ ideal can be detected and automatically evaluated. The AI-based image analysis technology can be used in several different ways in various applications. 

Miroslav Kroupa, Head of Brand Management at ŠKODA AUTO, emphasised, “In manufacturing, AI-based image analysis, for example, makes it possible to detect anomalies on equipment even before they become an issue. This will provide us with more flexibility in terms of scheduling required maintenance work and will prevent costly disruptions to production processes. Identifying available parking spaces as part of a pilot project is a great way to optimise the image analysis technology prior to integrating it into everyday operations.” 

Upon successful completion of the current testing phase, the AI application is set to assist with coordinating the trucks arriving at the Mladá Boleslav headquarters’ gate 13. Each day sees the arrival of approximately 2,200 trucks that then have to wait in a car park until they are given permission to enter the factory premises. Having said that, ŠKODA relies on the deliveries being made just-in-time, as it follows this production model. The AI technology will contribute towards managing processes more efficiently and sustainably, increasing safety and reducing costs. 

Technologies based on artificial intelligence perform cognitive functions that otherwise only humans are capable of. Such programs can interact with their environment, perceive and weigh up facts, solve problems and even carry out creative tasks. As one of the cornerstones of the company’s Strategy 2025, artificial intelligence plays a key role for ŠKODA AUTO in further advancing digitalisation. For the Czech car manufacturer, this applies not only to products and processes, but also to services, where AI technologies help to make customer experiences more personal.

Article source: www.skoda-auto.com

Residents across the region – Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, North East Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire – already benefit from the charity’s Helimed 65 helicopter which responds to the most serious incidents. Now with the ŠKODA KODIAQ, the critical care team has a vehicle capable of reaching an emergency when it’s unsuitable for a helicopter to fly or when the location of the patient is easier to access by road. 

With the charity receiving over 2,000 call-outs in 2019, of which over two thirds were responded to by critical care cars, the ŠKODA KODIAQ SE L 2.0-litre TDI 190 PS 4X4 is a welcome addition to the fleet.

Day-to-day, critical care teams will benefit from the car’s broad and flexible capabilities, including a 0-62mph in little over eight seconds, class-leading interior space and 4x4 capability, ensuring they can reach the scene of almost any incident quickly and with the essential equipment needed. 

The KODIAQ underwent a bespoke conversation to meet Great Western Air Ambulance Charity’s individual needs. Its 720-litre boot capacity has been fully redesigned to effectively house all of the life-saving equipment such as oxygen tanks and ventilators. The vehicle’s infotainment system has also been moved to allow for a 999-response screen to be installed, providing the on-board crew with details of each emergency and the quickest route to the scene.

Article source: www.skoda.co.uk

Weather reports, rain radar and the latest news: the new, practical Infotainment Apps ensure that ŠKODA drivers are always perfectly up to date. The Weather App and the News App are features from the third-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix and are now available to download free of charge in the compact SCALA and KAMIQ models fitted with the Amundsen infotainment system and in the SUPERB iV fitted with the Columbus infotainment system. The apps are available in all 2021 model year SUPERB, KAROQ and KODIAQ variants, provided they are equipped with the Columbus infotainment system. 

The new Infotainment Apps for weather and news provide ŠKODA drivers with additional information delivered straight into their vehicles. After downloading them free of charge from the Shop via the car’s central display and a quick and easy installation using the instructions on the touchscreen, these apps provide up-to-date weather reports for all of Europe as well as the latest news. 

Detailed weather reports plus rain radar 
The new Weather App offers a clear, detailed overview of the weather at the vehicle’s current location as well as forecasts for the days ahead. Displayed on request, the rain radar is particularly innovative, as it shows imminent changes in weather conditions. The app can also show current weather warnings. In addition to detailed weather data for the current location, ŠKODA drivers can also access reports for their journey’s destination, any stopover points and selected favourite locations, which can also be saved for future reference. 

News straight to the central display 
The News App offers ŠKODA drivers and passengers a new way to find out the latest news. ŠKODA AUTO has teamed up with the Czech Press Agency (ČTK) to offer ŠKODA customers access to news articles from ČTK in their cars. These will be listed on the central display of the third-generation infotainment systems. Users can choose the topics that interest them most, such as politics, business or sport. They can also add up to five additional news channels by adding RSS feeds of their favourite media to the News App. This can be done by simply entering and saving the URL of the news feeds in the app. 

Infotainment apps free of charge for the first year 
Once installed in the vehicle, the two new Infotainment apps can be used free of charge for one year. After that, drivers will be charged a small fee for each app. Following their launch in the SCALA and KAMIQ compact models equipped with the Amundsen infotainment system, the Weather app and News app are now also available for all current SUPERB iV cars fitted with the Columbus infotainment system. With the changeover to the 2021 model year and the new infotainment generation at the start of October, the apps will also become available in the remaining SUPERB variants as well as the KODIAQ and KAROQ SUV models. Each of these vehicles will need to be equipped with the top-of-the-range Columbus infotainment system so that the apps can be used.

Article source: www.skoda-auto.com